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Cape Cod Fishing In The Fog

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Saltwater Fishing

It is Memorial Day weekend and the Maverick is departing Harwich Port for Tom Shoal off of Martha’s Vineyard in a blind fog.

Captain Jack, has a group of great guys on board all looking to enjoy a day of fishing for stripers and blues. The Maverick’s course will take them over Horseshoe Shoal, the proposed site of Cape Wind, and bring them to an area off Chappaquiddick that produces very well in the early season.

Charter boats like the Maverick can’t fish Monomoy, which is much closer, as the stripers have not gotten that far north in their migration.

As the Maverick crosses the sound there are a number of targets ahead on the radar screen. From experience the target size and speed indicates two of the ferries from Hyannis to Nantucket. One departing, one returning.


There are also other small boat traffic on the radar. Maverick’s party wonders why he is not chatting with them. But, that is his mate’s job as Cap’t Jack has his head buried in the radar adjusting speed and course to avoid these targets.

Thankfully, none of the boats have to dodge the proposed generator and 130 turbines projected for this area. On a day like today they all have their hands full in this blanketing fog without the need for more hazards to navigation. Not to mention the additional time it would take to avoid that proposed minefield.

Once at the Vineyard they mix in with the fleet of charter boats which could only be seen on radar even though they were just a few hundred feet away.

They set the lines in and the fishing is superb. Each angler keeps a striper for dinner and the other 34 keepers are released for another day.

Massachusetts law allows two fish per angler but these guys are true sportsmen and conservationists. The large majority of charter boats release most or all of their catch keeping only what the party can use for dinner.

Now the guys can sit back with a beer and reminisce about the great day of sport fishing they enjoyed. The fog never does lift. So, the Maverick rides home in the Chatham Sunshine, the locals term for fog.

Captain Jack says “If charters canceled all trips due to fog they would hardly ever leave the dock and the good folks would not have the opportunity to experience the thrill of a lifetime. The recreational and fishing community doesn’t need any more obstacles and safety hazards than Mother Nature already provides” And adds “Please help us find a land based or deep water location for any proposed wind farm.”

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