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Essential Trout Fishing Tips

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Uncategorized

When fishing for trout there are a few tips and techniques that should be viewed as essential. These simple trout fishing tips and techniques are simple and easy to employ, and with a little practice, you’ll wonder how you ever fished for trout without them. Remember trout fishing isn’t rocket science, although to be truly successful you do need to do a little more than just toss a night crawler into the water. Anyone can catch small inexperienced trout, but these tips and techniques will help you catch more experienced and thus larger trout. I primarily fish for trout in the flowing waters of rivers and streams, so that’s what I’m going to focus on in this article.

  • Natural Presentation – whatever type of bait that your using, it needs to be presented in the most natural way possible. How is this accomplished? Well, if you’re a bait fisherman, using gang hooks is the best way and if you’re a lure fisherman making sure that light line and no snap swivels are used is a great technique. You see, snap swivels ruin the action on any lure they are used on, so you get less bites. Always tie you line directly to whatever lure you happen to be using. The bottom line is that snap swivels ruin the natural presentation of almost any lure. Tie your line directly to whatever type of bait or hook (s) you happen to be using. If a swivel is needed to prevent line twist, use a barrel swivel.
  • The Weather & Moon – many anglers don’t use the weather and moon to their advantage like they should. This is not only true in trout fishing, but all fishing. Using the weather and moon to your advantage can dramatically increase the amount of bites you receive. There are free resources all over the place that you can learn, and I would suggest you invest a few hours to educate yourself. If you’re fishing at certain times, when certain natural occurrences are taking place, your catch rate can be incredible or non existent, all because of the weather and/or moon.
  • Being Efficient – the more efficient that you can become as an angler, the more fish that you will catch. This is especially true with trout fishing, when you’re wading a river. Employing equipment like a bait bag or retractors are great ways to become more efficient. You see, the more efficient you become, the more time that is spent with your line in the water, where the fish are. Anything that you can do to help you spend more time with your line in the water, you should consider doing. Many anglers don’t realize how much more efficient they could be by just adding a few things to their repertoire.

These simple tips/techniques will help you become a much more effective trouyt angler. They are essential for one simple fact. As the reverend McLain states in my favorite movie of all time, A River Runs Through It, “Anyone who does not know how to catch a fish should not be able to disgrace that fish by catching it”. To me, that quote sums it up. We all need to have enough respect for our quarry that we hone our skills and educate ourselves as to the most effective fishing methods. We don’t need to disgrace the trout we’re trying to catch.

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