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How To Catch A Trout From Shore

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Trout Fishing

As trout fishing season approaches, or has already arrived in some parts of the country, rivers and streams can be very high and muddy this time of year. That means that many of us anglers are reserved to catching trout from the banks of a lake. In most cases this means a lake that has been stocked with trout. This most certainly isn’t my personal favorite way to catch a trout, but it suffices when there has been no fishing activity for the entire winter.

Stocked trout, such as the ones that we’ll be fishing for love artificial bait. Baits such as Powerbait, corn, cheese, and marshmallows can all be employed. For this article, I’m going to assume that Powerbait (or some other floating form of dough bait) is going to be used. Why? Because this is the type of bait that I’ve had the most success with fishing for stocked trout.

A basic bottom rig is what we want to use, so the first thing that needs to be done is to slip an egg sinker onto your line. Now tie a small barrel swivel onto your line that will act as a ‘stopper’ for your egg sinker. Now a leader that’s 12 inches to 3 feet needs to be tied onto the other end of the barrel swivel. On the end of the leader, tie a small hook (size 8 or 10). Rather than the leader and hook, tie a set of pre-made gang hooks onto the other end of the swivel, if you have them available. Gang hooks are the most effective way to use this rig, but either way will suffice. At this point you add enough floating dough bait (Powerbait) to cover the hook, or hooks in the case of gang hooks, and you’re good to go.

At this point you cast your rig out and let it sink to the bottom. Gently reel in the slack line, until your line is taught. Obviously your rod needs to be sitting in a rod holder of some kind (many people use a forked stick). As you can probably imagine, with this rig your egg sinker will be on the bottom, and your bait will be floating between the sinker and the end of your rod. This rig is a very effective way too catch these lake bound stocked trout.


The same rig can be used while fishing a live worm, and some marshmallows to float said worm off of the bottom. The live worm technique can be quite effective as well, although I would definitely suggest gang hooks be used with a live worm. Gang hooks are the best way to present a worm in a natural manner. The bottom line is that this technique is a great way to catch trout from the banks of a lake.

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