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Live Bait Tricks

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in General Fishing

Live Bait Tricks

There’s almost nothing like fishing with a piece of live bait. A rig as simple as a worm under a bobber or a hook and a split shot with a crawler can entertain the family for a whole day. Even though these simple techniques are a great way to find and catch fish. They sometimes just don’t seem to bring the action you might think they should. As you watching on a calm day you can see the fish there. Fish come up with in a few feet and just gaze at your bait just before swimming off. Today there are so many options out there for live bait rigs, artificial lures, and soft plastics. Where do you start? The one thing about all of these options are they all have great time and thought behind each of the products. Designed in these baits are characteristics that appeal to fish. Complementing your live bait with a product that is engineered to catch fish can make all the difference in triggering fish.
For the fisherman who tends to spend his time targeting pan fish there are several simple options to enhance your catch without having to buy a larger tackle box. By slipping a one inch grub body over your hook tipped with a small piece of live bait can make all the difference. Bass assassin makes a great one for this called the Assassin Fry. The reason I mention this one is there are some many colors available in there small sizes. The added action and color can be surprising. In most cases tipping it with live bait isn’t even necessary. With a little movement the bait itself with stimulate the fish to strike. When perch fishing in the Great lakes adding a bright colored Assassin fry can be the ticket.
When fishing searching for fish on large body’s of water crank baits are often what we choose. It allows you to cover larger areas of water because of the higher speeds used when fishing trolling with crank baits. When trolling the crank baits are being pulled at a fairly constant rate of speed. This allows the lures to track properly and maintain the lures designed action. One side effect of this is the lures actions will bring fish close enough to strike for the fish to follow the lure which you never realize. This happens more often that what fisherman realize. One thing I’ve found that supports this is when the boat goes off course for a moment. As soon as the boat changes coarse or a drastic corrections is made to your trolling direction all of a sudden “Fish On” . The fish had been there following your bait but didn’t strike until the once constant lure action had now been interrupted by a sudden change. You can create these changes by deliberate changes in the boats speed or direction. There are a few disadvantages to this approach . One is that the action the lures were designed to produce is now hindered and you loosing it’s ability to bring fish in. Another disadvantage is your no longer trolling and covering as much water . Consider tipping the front hook of your crank bait with a small minnow, leach or small portion of night crawler. This can trigger those fish that otherwise just want to follow decide to strike.

By Ernest Miller

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