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One of the Largest Bucks Ever Taken by a Female Hunter

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Big Game Hunting

When you think of big buck and the hunters that take them, who comes to mind, Men? Not in this case. In 1982 Jamie Remmers of Marion, Kansas went on her first hunt and proved to be successful taking a small 8 point buck.

Jamie’s husband, Kent, had spotted her buck a half dozen times before the 1997 Rifle season rolled around. Little did either of them now that Jamie would be the lucky one. Borrowing her Dad’s .270 Remington just hoping that this would be the year. Sunday, December 7th, 1997 with freezing rain followed by snow Jamie headed out.

First spotting the buck some 400 yards away after a drive put on by her husband and a friend Jamie patiently waited for the buck to get within 100 yards. With shaking crosshairs Jamie squeezed the trigger. The shot was misplaced and hit the neck but Jamie still got her 34 point buck.

With an outside spread of 29 2/8, makes this one of the largest buck ever taken by a female hunter. In 1998 Jamie received the Golden Laurel Citation for her incredible trophy, which scored 249 1/8 non-typical.


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