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Personal Pontoon Boats For River Fishing

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a river angler for more than 15 years and have fallen in love with personal pontoon boats. Fishing in a river used to mean wading for long distances upstream and downstream in an attempt to catch fish. There is nothing wrong with fishing in this way, however on some rivers it requires a ton of crossing back and forth, and with no clearly defined trails along many rivers, the terrain can become impassible. Therefore I could only fish a couple of miles both up and downstream from the parking area.

Then I began using a personal pontoon boat. What’s a personal pontoon boat, you ask? It’s basically a seat mounted on a pair of inflatable pontoons. I think you can even get them with two seats if you need an extra seat. With a personal pontoon boat, you fish the river in style. They are great.

Using a personal pontoon boat to fish your favorite river is the way to go. They offer you the flexibility to cover great distance, much farther than walking along the shore and crossing the river numerous times. You see, I don’t actually fish from my personal pontoon, although I suppose a person could? I use it to get down the river, and simply stop at a stretch That I want to fish, pull over, and fish the area. I wear my waders the entire time, just like when hiking up and down the river, so when a get to a good stretch of river, I fish it as I always do. It’s great!

One of the things I enjoy most about river and stream fishing is being out in nature. There’s just something about standing in the middle of a flowing river on a beautiful day that feels right to me. I still get to experience all of this with the help of my personal pontoon boat; it’s just that now I have more access to the rivers that I fish. I’m no longer limited to only the area’s that are within walking distance of the parking area.


My personal pontoon boat has at least doubled the amount of river I can fish in a single trip. And the fact that I still get to fish the way I love to and don’t have the bother of maneuvering and hauling a canoe or small boat is another great advantage of my personal pontoon boat. If you spend a lot of time in waders, river fishing, it may be time to look into added a personal pontoon boat to your fishing gear.

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