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Polarized Sun Glasses And Fishing

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in General Fishing

Have you ever wondered why polarized sun glasses are helpful when fishing? I know I used to. I couldn’t see myself spending upwards of $100 on a pair of sunglasses no matter what they were used for, so for many years I wouldn’t. Then one day a fishing buddy of mine offered to let me use his old pair of polarized sun glasses on a Steelhead trip we were taking. I agreed, and used the borrowed glasses on the three day excursion on the river.

After the three days were up, I was hooked. The polarized glasses that I had borrowed were incredible. The clarity that they provided looking both into the water, and everywhere else, was amazing. They were amazingly lightweight and comfortable as well. I truly couldn’t believe how much better they were than anything I had tried previously. I asked my fiend what brand they were and how much the set him back. He said they were Smith’s and if he remembered correctly they were like $125 when he bought them.

He then explained that they had lasted him like six years, before he bought a new pair. He said that when you pay over $100 for a pair of sun glasses, you take care of them, which was something that I never considered. I never even considered how long a quality pair of polarized sunglasses might last me, all I was concerned about was the upfront cost. Then my friend pointed something out to me. He told me that if the cost of the Smith glasses that I wore was amortized, they only cost him about 20 bucks a year! This was an amazing realization to me, especially because I liked those Smith glasses so much.

Within one week of our Steelhead fishing trip I bought myself a brand new pair of Smith polarized sun glasses. I’ve never been happier with any decision in my life. Not only do I wear the glasses while fishing, I also wear them as my everyday sunglasses as well. The new Smith’s cost me $135, and I have to admit that it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Not only are they great for fishing, I don’t look too bad in them either. I’ve had them for a little over six months, and do you know what? I take care of them as well as I’ve ever taken care of anything. My advice to anyone looking for polarized sunglasses is to buy a quality pair, rather than wasting time and money on any cheap, disposable sunglasses. I know I’m sure glad I finally came to this realization.


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