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Rigging A Live Worm

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Freshwater Fishing

Many anglers don’t know how to rig a live worm, and this costs them allot of fish. For many years I’ve seen anglers all of the country employing the “worm ball” as their way of rigging a live worm. A “worm ball” is what’s created when a hook that’s too large is used and a live worm is threaded on that hook. Either that or the live worm is simply hooked over and over again, thus creating what I like to call the worm ball. A worm ball is no way to rig a live worm. Of course small and inexperienced fish might bite such a thing, but larger more experience fish won’t.

The best and most effective way to rig a live worm is through the use of gang hooks. What are gang hooks? Gang hooks are simply two small hooks tied in tandem, thus enabling the angler to present a live worm in a completely natural manner. Why does this matter? Because, the more natural your offering is, the more likely a fish is to bite it! The less natural your offering looks, the less likely a fish is to bite it, it’s as simple as that.

Your goal, as an angler, should be to make your bait look as much like what a fish would see in the wild as possible, and a set of gang hooks allows you to accomplish this. With a little research and time, you can tie gang hooks yourself or you can purchase them ready to go, it makes no difference. The point is that gang hooks are the best way to rig a live worm.

As we all know, fish of all kinds like worms, so using gang hooks to present those worms as bait only makes sense. Although I don’t practice the form of fishing that involves waving feathers in the air, I do love the movie “A river Runs Through It”. And in that movie, the reverend Mclean has a wonderful quote about fishing that I wholeheartedly agree with. He said, “Anyone who does not know how to catch a fish, should not be able to disgrace that fish by catching it.” Even though I refuse to wave feathers back and forth to attempt to catch a fish, the quote hits the nail on the head and goes for any type of fishing, even worm fishing.


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