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The Art Of Fishing With Live Worms

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Trout Fishing

This may sound strange, but I believe that fishing with live worms is every bit the art form that any other form of fishing has ever been purported to be, it’s simply that most anglers don’t look at it this way. Most angler think that “threading” a live worm onto a hook and throwing it into the water is considered live worm fishing. I have to disagree with this sentiment. I’m not a flea flicker, by any stretch of the imagination, but in my favorite movie A River Runs Through It, the reverend McLain is said to have said if he had his way, “anyone who does not know how to catch a fish, should not be able to disgrace that fish by catching it.” This is exactly how I feel about people fishing with live worms.

If you’re going to fish with live worms, it can be considered an “art” only if you take your craft seriously. The best way to accomplish this is by learning to present said live worms in a natural manner, rather than simply “threading” them onto a hook and creating what ends up looking like a ‘worm ball’ in many cases. The best way to present live worms in a natural manner, is through the use of a set of gang hooks. A set of gang hooks can be tied yourself or purchased ready to fish, the point is that to present worms naturally, a set of gang hooks is imperative.

To become and “artist” when it comes to fishing live worms, not only do gang hooks need to be employed, so does a practical way to carry your live worms while you’re fishing. How many painters do you see that prop their painting up against a tree when they want to paint a picture? You don’t see such an inefficient thing happening. Painters employ an easel to hold their painting while they paint. Well anglers, if they fish with live worms, should employ a bait bag to carry their live worms while fishing, much the same way a painter uses an easel to help them paint. You see, carrying a container of live worms around can be very unwieldy and a big time waster. With a bait bag, your live worms are always literally “at your fingertips” waiting to be used.

Fishing with live worms doesn’t have to be reserved only for kids just learning how to fish and amateurs. If you begin to take live worm fishing as seriously as other variations of fishing are taken, you can become an artist. Not only that, but you will never again disgrace any fish, by not knowing how to catch it.


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