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The Benefits of a Coach

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Competition Shooting

Are you tired of feeling frustrated with your game and wonder why you don’t get better? Tired of seeing other people win the option money and trophies? Of course you are. Nobody wants to lose, and worse yet…lose most all of the time! Well, the good news is you can learn to shoot with higher levels of precision and take home your share of the winnings!


Through knowledge! Everybody believes they can simply pick up a shotgun and learn how to shoot targets through trial and error. You can do this, but you’re only going to be a mediocre shooter relying on a few lucky days to pull you to a win. To shoot this way, everything has to be “right” — meaning; your mood, feel of the gun and game somehow just feels perfect and you win a shooting event. Problem is, those moods and feels just don’t gel together all of the time. The end result is terrible scores until you just happen to have another lucky day.

Shoot With Knowledge

Professional ATA, DTL or Olympic shooters do not shoot high scores on luck alone. They have the inner knowledge of the game which gives them a complete understanding of how to hit each target. There is no guesswork or chasing targets hoping they will hit one…they know how to kill it. It’s like having the engine in your car break and you keep trying to find the problem but it eludes you. You take the car to an experienced mechanic and he finds the problem in seconds. Knowledge is the answer.

Learn, To Learn

Most shooters want to get better…NOW, but don’t. The truth is they finish the season no better than they started. The same shooters who won last year, win this year and the losers just keep on losing year after year. Think about this! If all the technological advances in shotguns were so great why is it the average shooter’s score going down? If all it took was a great gun to raise your score, you’d be getting better. But you aren’t, so something’s wrong. I’ll tell you what is wrong, it’s missing knowledge. You must have the knowledge to win in trap shooting. Call them tricks of the trade if you wish. I call them secrets because they are! There are more secrets in trap shooting than you know! Once you learn the technical tactics, your scores naturally rise. Why? Because targets become easier to annihilate! If you want to learn these tricks you may discover them over a period of ten or fifteen years of trial and error, or you can take in a few lessons and start shooting the high scores now! This year, not many years from now!


You have a passion for trap shooting; it’s fun, challenging, exciting and it gives you a sense of power and authority no other sport can give you. You already know how to play the game, but you keep on missing targets. It’s not fair! Way too many shooters are suffering needlessly missing targets and losing competitive events. Why? Missing knowledge.

Getting That Knowledge

You’ve tried reading books, magazine articles, videotapes and NOTHING seems to work. Why? Because the information given is too basic, teaching the same old simplistic stale techniques over and over again. Many shooter’s have taken lessons from pro shooters and have walked away disappointed. Why? Because the inner knowledge of the game cannot be instilled in just one or two lessons, and, some pros are simply not going to give away their secrets. But what if there were a book that did give you the inside knowledge? What if you read this book and then took a shooting lesson? Amazing things would happen!

Well, the good news is there are now trap shooting “technical books” available to help you shoot ATA trap, DTL and Olympic trap! Trapshooting Secrets and Precision Shooting — The Trapshooter’s Bible. Read these books and take a lesson from a pro and you’ll be screaming on fast-forward!

Now you are “communicating” on a higher level with your instructor/coach. The key here is to read the books first! Get that inside knowledge, put it practice and start winning the shoots…then go see a pro to get your final tune-up! That’s the plan. Click right here for dedicated pros who can help you. Remember, the key is to have the inside knowledge BEFORE you take shooting lessons to get more bang for your buck!

Pros love to work with technically experienced shooters!

Example: Consider your occupation. Who do you think you could give better and faster instructions; the novice or the professional who already knows the inside rules?

Trap shooting is no different. The more you know the faster you will learn!

Straight To The Target

There are many techniques you can learn to help you shoot with precision and deliver the shot straight to the target for dead-centered hits. Dustball hits. They are not cosmetic hits, but the sign of a the precision shooter who knows what he/she is doing. Watch the pros and you’ll see how they center the targets. Their precision is so tight that if they do make a mistake and miss…they still hit the target with a choppy break and get the score!

If you are not dustballing each target you are, in fact, missing the target and hitting them on luck. The frustration in trap shooting is slicing targets…and suddenly, you miss clean and miss again, and again…driving your score down each time until you are out of the money and out of the game. This does not need to happen! You can reverse this insidious bad habit once and for all and shoot the scores you desire and deserve. All the money you have spent on guns, ammo and entry fees over the years no longer need be wasted money. Get the knowledge and you’ll start winning! And that’s a fact!

Without the inner knowledge you will miss targets and not even know why. And if you don’t know why you missed you can’t correct the problem. This is precisely why you will have a “bad trap” shooting a terrible score. Each missed target pulls your score down like gravity destroying your chances of ever recovering…even if you ran all the other traps straight! That bad trap ruined you. If you had the inner knowledge you would have discovered the trap or stations were misaligned or the target’s were exiting unbalanced due to a trap set too high or too low upsetting your timing, swing angle and sight picture. You bet there are secrets to the game!

Once you understand how to recognize a problem and how to correct it, your frustration is gone! Knowledge takes over your shooting game and you have that great jump on all the other shooter’s who simply do not have the knowledge. Once you understand EXACTLY WHY you miss shots you’ll get that instant mental feedback But most of all, you’ll learn EXACTLY HOW to hit the targets so you’ll be missing way less than you do now…that’s for certain!

All Hope Is Gone

I’ve heard so many professional shooters comment on other shooters and they all tend to gravitate to this one line of thought, “He’s a basket case. He’ll never make it shooting like that.” For that poor shooter out there putting all his heart and soul into his game he’s doomed from the start to continue to fail. All hope is gone for this shooter, regardless of how much he loves the game and loves to shoot…he’s shooting without the knowledge, and there is no hope for a shooter who has no knowledge of the game.

It’s over long before he even packed his bags to attend the shoot!

Example: In your career you have met incompetent people. But you knew, if the person would only listen to you and take some instructional advice you could cure this person’s inefficiency.

The same is true with trap shooting. He who has the knowledge, wins!

Face The Facts

The truth is, you are not a professional trapshooter. If you were, you would be winning a grand majority of every shoot you attend month-after-month. You may have classified yourself as a “recreational shooter” who just shoots for fun. That’s okay…but it’s no fun losing! Try winning…and you’ll know what real fun is all about.

All you need is knowledge to apply to the game you are now playing and you’ll see instant improvement.

Learn the tricks of the trade and you’ll be dustballing the targets. Believe me, that is fun! You won’t be chasing down targets trying to hit them…you’ll be SETUP properly so when the target exits, the target COMES TO YOU. It’s like having the target emerge from the traphouse and your gun’s sight bead is already on the target for you! That’s how the pros shoot. They don’t chase targets and hope to hit them. They have a plan of attack that works.

Everything is lined up, and when they call for the target…it’s right where they wanted it to be!

Most all trapshooters have no inkling of an idea of what is really going on out there in the target zone. Many don’t even have a zone or know what a zone is. And those who shoot a zone are doing is all wrong! Watch shooters’ shoot and you’ll see what I mean…there is no real precision in their shooting. Most are shooting on pure luck. Yes, they are doing the best they can and trying very hard to win, but they will lose out to those who have the deep inner knowledge.

They will simply make too many mistakes like a bad habit!

It’s Crazy!

There is absolutely no reason why any trap shooter cannot be breaking high scores, even on a bad day.

How many handicap shooters are dumping badly in the 70’s? With the inside knowledge a bad day could give you a 90! On a good day? Use your imagination!

Don’t settle for low scores when advice and shooting instruction can give you the wining scores you really want. It’s a decision thing here. You decide if you are happy with your scores. If you don’t like your scores you can do something about it, today!

Do nothing and you’ll get the score you deserve. Trap shooting is an unforgiving sport! What’s your decision?

Pick one:

Yes. I want to shoot better and win.


No. I like losing and shooting bad scores.

Those questions may sound silly, but in all reality it’s a choice you have to make today…right NOW! Procrastination is an instant, “No. I like losing and shooting bad scores.” You have to make your decision today, not tomorrow or next week…right now!

Yes, I Want To Shoot Better And Win!

That is the answer! Knowledge is the vehicle and you are the driver. It all begins with a psychological change. You are now willing to permit yourself to be educated in trap shooting. You want to learn how to shoot targets with extreme precision. You are no longer satisfied with chipping targets and letting them slip by unburned ruining your fun and being the object of ridicule and embarrassment by other shooters who love to taunt your misfortune.

The time is right for change and opportunity knocks on your door. Your ship has come in…and you are now ready to jump onboard and begin the adventure to higher scores. It’s high time you outshoot those guys who think they can’t be beaten!

And you will be the one to do it!

Two Easy Steps

This is the plan:

  • You purchase the trap shooting technical books to give you that inside knowledge; Trapshooting Secrets and Precision Shooting — The Trapshooter’s Bible. These books will bridge the gap so you can perform Step #2 with a high levels of instruction you could never otherwise achieve. These books will put you into a high caliber shooting range so you will be ready to take personalized lessons.
  • You schedule a trap shooting lesson from one of these professionals. Even if you don’t have the money to spend for lessons now, simply make your reservation, say, six-months from now, even a year. The important thing is to make your commitment. Once you do, you will then obtain the funds. It will happen!

What Will Happen?

You will see instant improvement in your shooting! You will be mentally elevated into the mind-set of the professional shooter. You will be shooting with a powerful sense of authority…just like the pros! You will know what you are doing and you will do it well…breaking targets like you’ve never broken them before!

You’ll be excited that your game is more consistent, predictable and dependable. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of hitting your shots exactly where you commanded the gun to go and this precision and power will be totally under your control.

You will finally be the master of your mind and body, knowing you can do what others cannot. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment you only dreamed of before…but it will be real. And it’s going to be fun. After all, isn’t that what trap shooting should be? You’ll look forward to shooting your first trap knowing you are going to score well and actually have fun the entire event!

You will enjoy the game more than you ever had in the past! That’s what a shooting coach is going to do for you!

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