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The Greatest Trout Catching Technique

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Trout Fishing

Many anglers fish for trout. This technique involves the flowing water of a river or stream, rather that a lake. Many anglers, including myself, fish for trout while wading in the current of their favorite river or stream, and that’s exactly where this technique is most effective. The technique was born in the great state of Pennsylvania more than 25 years ago and has since been used on rivers and streams throughout the entire United States, with the exact same result. That result is and always has been trout, lots of trout.

The first aspect of the technique is to use light fishing gear and line. I have always used ultra light fishing gear for the technique and it’s what I suggest. In normal water levels a 5 to 5 ½ foot ultra light rod works great. I’ve always spooled my reels with 4 lb test monofilament for the technique. 6 lb. test is tolerable, but anything heavier than 6 lb. test is overkill and will affect the technique.

Secondly you need 4 things. Small barrel swivels, split shot sinkers, gang hooks, and live worms. The first two items can be found in any tackle shop or superstore, gang hooks will have to be made by hand or purchased from JRWfishing, the choice is yours. As far as the live worms go, you should have an idea about them. My only suggestion is to have an efficient way to carry your worms, like a bait bag. Again, a bait bag can be made by hand or purchased from JRWfishing, it’s up to you.

Now simply take the end of your line and attach one of your small swivels. Attach a set of gang hooks to the other end of the swivel, followed by a live worm. Now simply add split shot to your line above the swivel. The goal is to have your bait flow naturally down the current, bouncing off the bottom the entire way. The amount of split shot that you will use depends on a number of factors such as: water depth and amount of current. Just remember what my mentor taught me about the technique, “if you’re not getting snagged, your not fishing in the right place.” Getting snagged, although frustrating at times, is part of this technique. Just remember, the goal is to have your worm bounce off the bottom, as it flows naturally with the current.


Begin mastering this technique, and you will never fish in any other manner. Not only is the technique effective, it’s also a ton of fun. Catching trout on ultra light gear is the way God intended us to catch trout, in my opinion. Not to mention the fact that when you get into a battle with an eighteen + inch trout on your ultra light gear (and you will using this technique) you’ll be hooked forever. Catching these large trout with ultra light gear is literally as much fun as you can have with your pants on!

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