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The Greatest Way To Rig A Live Worm

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in General Fishing

So what is the greatest way to rig a live worm as bait when fishing? Is one way actually better than another? Or is it good enough to simply “thread” a live worm onto a hook and be done with it? In the opinion of my fishing mentor, who was the best live worm angler that I’ve ever seen, there was one way that was without question, the greatest way to rig a live worm while fishing. That way was through the use of a set of gang hooks. You see, a set of gang hooks allow live worms to be presented outstretched and natural, the way God intended.

Gang hooks are attached to your line using a small barrel swivel (usually size 10 or 12) to prevent line twist and then a live worm is added to the hooks. If large night crawlers are being used, simply pinch them in half. By using gang hooks and night crawlers, you effectively double the amount of bait you have as well (when night crawlers are being used). This is another reason why gang hooks are the greatest way to rig a live worm. Not only are they effective, they also get you double the bait, at least in the case of night crawlers.

You see gang hooks is simply two small hooks tied in tandem, which make them absolutely perfect for presenting live worms when fishing. My fishing mentor always used gang hooks whenever he fished with live bait, especially live worms. He also believed in using light line and ultra light rods and reels. Although many anglers think that large fish can’t be caught in this manner, he regularly caught trout in the four to five pound class out of rivers and streams that got a lot of fishing pressure. As I said earlier, he was the best live worm angler that I’ve ever seen. To be accurate, he was the best ultra light angler I’ve ever seen, and live worms we’re his bait of choice.

The bottom line is that the greatest way to rig a live worm is a set of gang hooks, whether those gang hooks be purchased ready to fish or tied yourself. How you get a hold of them is really of little importance. What’s important is that you begin using them sooner rather than later. I’ve personally been using gang hooks to fish with live worms since I was introduced to them by my fishing mentor more than 20 years ago, and can testify that they work. Once you give them a shot for the first time, you’ll be as hooked as the fish. I know that’s what happened to me.


Gang hooks are attached to your line using a small barrel swivel, which helps prevent line twist. If split shot sinkers are added above the barrel swivel, and then this rig (with a live worms attached) is allowed to flow naturally with the current of a river or stream, the results can be amazing. The goal is to add enough weight to get your offering to bounce along the bottom as it flows naturally with the current. When live worms are fished in this manner, it becomes the greatest way to rig and fish a live worm, and its all due to the simple and effective gang hook setup.

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