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The Secret For Fishing With Live Worms

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in General Fishing

Is there actually a secret for fishing with live worms? I’m sure many people would say no there’s not. To many people, simply “threading” a live worm onto a hooks is good enough, but more than 20 years ago my fishing mentors taught me a secret that makes fishing with live worms much more successful. He realized that when a live worm was “threaded” onto a hook it ended up looking like some sort of worm ball, rather than outstretched ands natural the way a worm looks in the wild. So he came up with a solution to this problem.

That solution is called a set of gang hooks. A set of gang hooks is simply two small hooks tied in tandem, which enables a live worm to be presented in a totally natural manner. He learned that this natural presentation makes a big difference in the amount of bites, and subsequently hooked fish, that a person receives. When you think about it this only makes sense. The more natural the worm looks, the more effective it will be as bait.

Gang hooks are, by far, the best way to present live worms as bait while fishing. As a matter of fact, since first starting to use them moirĂ© than twenty years ago, I personally can’t imagine fishing with live worms without using gang hooks to rig them up. Gang hooks have become as much a part of my fishing gear as my rod and reel are. If I’m going to be fishing, I need to have some gang hooks with me.

If a set of pre-tied gang hooks is attached to your line using a small barrel swivel, then weighted with split shot sinkers and allowed to flow naturally with the current of a river or stream, the results are quite eye opening. I’ve been using this rig to catch trout, smallmouth bass and walleye for years, and it works. This type of rig not only works, it works well. The same type of rig can be used under a bobber for pan fish, and even for still fishing by adding an egg sinker instead of split shots for weight.


The bottom line is that the secret for fishing with live worms is a set of pre-tied gang hooks. You can tie them yourself or purchase them ready to fish, it really makes little difference. What’s important is that you begin using gang hooks for all of your live worm fishing sooner, rather than later. You’ll be Glad you did.

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