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Tips On Catching More Trout

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Trout Fishing

Everyone can use a few tips that will help them catch more trout, right? Sure they can, and in this article, I’m going to supply you with a few great tips for catching more trout. I was taught these trout fishing tips by the greatest trout angler that I’ve ever met, more than 20 years ago, who consistently caught trophy trout out of river and streams that other anglers only caught “normal” sized trout out of. In my opinion my mentor, JRW, was an artist, and by far the greatest trout angler that I’ve ever known. These tips will help you catch more and bigger trout. How do I know this to be true? Because I use every one of these tips and they work for me.

  1. Light Line – When fishing for trout, light line should be employed. To use light line effectively, light or ultra light fishing gear should be employed as well. JRW believed in using four-pound test when fishing for trout, which is exactly what I use to this day. Before you begin to think that four pound test is too light, consider this: I regularly hook and land trout out of rivers and streams that are in excess of four pounds on four pound test line. Much larger fish than you may think can be landed on four pound test line. You see, JRW taught me that trout have very sensitive eyesight, which means that they can detect fishing line in the water. If they see your line, guess what happens? Many less bites! Use light line whenever you’re trout fishing.
  2. Use Live Worms – JRW was a masterful live worm angler and discovered that trout love live worms. I realize that the fact that fish like worms isn’t a revelation, but the way those worms are used as bait is. Live worms should be presented in a natural manner, outstretched, the way God intended. Many times anglers attempt to “thread” a worm onto a hook and call it good. This is a HUGE mistake. When using live worms as bait, a set of gang hooks should be employed. With a set of gang hooks, live worms can be presented outstretched and natural, which is much more effective than attempting to “thread a worm onto a single hook.
  3. Use A Bait Bag – What’s a Bait Bag ? A Bait Bag is simply a small bag that hangs off of your fishing vest and carries your live worms while fishing. It was ‘invented’ by JRW, and is a wonderful piece of fishing gear. As a matter of fact, I won’t go fishing with live worms without employing my bait bag. My bait bag has become as much a part of my fishing repertoire as my rod and reel. You will actually gain fishing time by using a bait bag, because you’ll never have to spend time searching for your worms. They are always, literally, “at your fingertips”, waiting to be used.

These 3 simple, yet amazingly effective, tips will help you catch more trout the very next time you go fishing. Again, how could I possibly know such a thing? Because I’ve been using all of them for more than 20 years and they work for me. I have no doubt that these 3 tips will help you catch more trout as well.

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