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by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Uncategorized

As trout season swings into full gear, I figured it was time to discuss all the various baits that can be used for trout fishing. I’m going to focus not just trout baits, but in particular baits other than lures. Although I suppose lures could be considered trout bait, they aren’t what I’m going to discuss. I’m going to stick to the kinds of trout baits that we use to bait a hook or hooks. Before I continue let me give you a tip. If you currently use a single hook, then add bait, you’re making a mistake. A much more effective technique is to employ a set of gang hooks (which is simply 2 hooks tied in tandem).

Worms – there are many different types of worms used in trout fishing, but the most common has to be what Hank Hill referred to as “The good old American worm”. This is the kind of worm we’re all familiar with. There are big ones called night crawlers and smaller ones caller red worms, but the point is when we talk about using worms to catch trout, this is normally what we’re referring to. Gang hooks are the best way to fish a live worm of any kind. There are 2 other types of worms used for trout bait and they would include: meal worms and maggots. Both of these worms are effective as trout bait as well, and gang hooks are they way to fish these worms also.

Synthetic Baits – Synthetic trout baits are man made baits that come in small jars or bags. Some of the consumer names of these baits are Berkley Powerbait, Uncle Josh Trout Bait, Atlas Mikes Marshmallows, and Jarred Salmon Eggs. These baits can be quite effective as trout bait, especially when rigged on a set of gang hooks so that they float off the bottom away from ant underwater debris. Synthetic baits are much more effective on stocked trout, so if you’re fishing in a freshly stocked lake you’ll be in good shape with these baits.

Kitchen Baits – These baits make me cringe. I hate the idea of using food that I eat as trout bait, but these types of baits are none the less still used. I’m referring to cheese, marshmallows, and corn. These baits do work as trout bait, and again are most effective on stocked trout.


Crayfish – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the best baits for catching LARGE trout. Trout love crayfish, and a live crayfish is an excellent bait, especially for large trout. A live crayfish, rigged on a set of gang hooks is as deadly a combination as can be found for catching large trout. In fact other than a live worm, a live crayfish might be the best trout bait.

These are the main baits that are used when attempting to catch trout. My philosophy has always been to keep it simple. The old acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) applies to trout bait, as well as most things in my opinion. When it comes to trout bait, many times the simpler the better. A live worm rigged on a set of gang hooks is a hard combination to beat, especially in moving water.

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