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Try Trap Shooting

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Trap Shooting
Are you bored?
Don’t know what to do?
Looking for something different?
Need a new hobby?
Want to have fun?
Need to make new friends?

…Try Trap Shooting….

It’s really easy to try out this great sport. There is a gun club near you. You may not even be aware of this fact (it’s a secret sport…no kidding) and trap shooting is a bigger sport than you may realize. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, Canadians and Europeans are competing in the big shoots every year worldwide. People just like you; engineers, mechanics, secretaries, businesspersons, doctors, film industry people, you name it!

How come you are not joining the fun? Likely because you never heard of trap shooting events taking place nearby. You don’t see these events advertised in the newspapers, radio or television announcements because the sport is exclusive in nature. This doesn’t mean you can’t come to watch or participate, on the contrary…everyone is welcome!


Now once you attend just one of these shoots you will say to yourself, “Where have I been all my life? This is a great sport!” Unlike golf, bowling, tennis, basketball, etc., there are no physical requirements to lift, bend, twist, run, jump, and get all out of breath. It’s a sport the rich and famous have kept all to themselves for many years, and the doors are now opening for everyone. You just can’t keep a good thing down! And that’s good news for us all.

There are small gun clubs and large gun clubs. I recommend for your first visit, so you can get a feel for the grandeur aspect of the sport, to contact one of these organizations and ask when the next large-scale registered shoot will occur in your geographic location. ATA or the California Golden State Trapshooting Association and State Shooting Associations and Clay Pigeon Shooting Association for the United Kingdom. All of these associations will help you get into this fine sport of trap shooting (visit our links page for the Web site addresses). You want a large gun club in action. Some of these clubs are as large as golf courses and located in beautiful country settings with RV parking facilities with water & power, tent sites, showers, cozy fireplaces, full restaurant facilities, etc.

Spring, Summer and in the Fall the clubs are booming with activity. In Winter, clubs tend to slow down and focus more on Sunday practice sessions league and prize shoots. So, it’s a year-round sport.

And don’t forget to visit Shotgun Sports Magazine and Trap & Field Magazine and ask for a complimentary magazine issue. Tell them James Russell Publishing sent you.

Why not mark your calendar and attend this weekend? Ask a friend to come with you to try something new and different. No matter what your age, male or female, you will find trap shooting to be a “very different” sport you have never experienced before.

You Mean Me? Shooting A Shotgun?

You don’t need a gun to get started. Many clubs will furnish you with a loaner gun, and if there is no loaner available many shooters will let you shoot their gun just to give the sport a try. You should tell the club “manager” you are new to the sport and would like to give it a try and need a basic lesson on how to shoot these trap shotguns. It’s so easy! But hitting all those targets are not so easy…and that’s what makes trap shooting so addictively fun and challenging. You’ll be up and shooting in fifteen-minutes.

Now, trap shotguns do recoil a tiny bit, but if you try it and the gun gives you a wallop that gun is not fitting you properly. Some shooters use hunting guns on weekends and they will buck like a baby mule, so to make your first experience totally enjoyable ask if you can shoot a real dedicated trap shooting gun with a stock recoil device installed. The gun will not kick hard!

I hope you will give trap shooting a try. I know you will be thanking me one day for introducing you to this great sport. The friends you will meet and the vacations you will take will be…well, life-changing experiences you’ll treasure you’re entire life. If you are feeling blue, down in the dumps, bored, feel left out, lonely and just need that “something” in your life to turn your life around…trap shooting can do it, believe me. One thing I guarantee, you will never find a sport like trap shooting that fulfills the inner experience. You will never meet a nicer bunch of people.

So, isn’t it neat that there is some undiscovered life activities on this planet after all!

Can I Make Money Trap Shooting?

You most certainly can! Trap shooting has always been a “money game” in the big competition shoots. You can compete for the money or just the prizes or both. The choice is yours. Thousands of dollars can be won! Many shooters just shoot for the sheer joy of seeing those little clay targets explode into balls of orange and black smoke.

I’m A Beginner. I Don’t Want To Embarrass Myself At These Big Shoots

WRONG ATTITUDE! There are all classes of shooters, from novice to professional. Certainly, a registered shoot is not a good place to learn how to fire your first round of trap. But they do have practice traps and after just a few sessions you should be ready to begin shooting the tournaments. Best bet? Go to a gun club before the registered shoot, get your initial lesson so you can learn the procedure and etiquette, then go to the big shoots.

There is absolutely no reason to delay going to these big tournament shoots…it’s the ideal place to learn how to compete and to learn how to shoot with precision. You don’t want to get stuck in a “practice rut” at the local gun club thinking you must be a better shooter before competing in tournaments. You start right away shooting in competition…it’s the best way to learn and to meet hundreds of people who enjoy the sport. Don’t wait to have fun, have fun now!

If I Like The Sport, Will I Have to Buy A Shotgun?

Yes. Every gun club has members selling shotguns. You don’t want to spend a fortune on your first gun because you don’t know what you need. My book, “Trap Shooting Secrets” will steer you in the right direction so you won’t be disappointed later, and it will teach you how to shoot…fast!

You can spend a few hundred dollars for a good used gun, as low as a couple hundred or less for a starter trap gun, or a few thousand for the elite guns. The good news? You don’t need an expensive gun to win the shoots! It’s not the gun, it’s the shooter who wins. Many shooters shoot old outdated guns and win shoot after shoot after shoot leaving many with the expensive guns behind in the dust. The investment is low.

How Much Does It Cost To Shoot?

At the local gun club it will cost about $3 to shoot a round of trap which is 25 targets. A box of 25 new shells will cost about $5. So, total cost is $8. But soon you will reload your own shells for practice and and cut your cost for shells in half. So, it will only cost $4.50 per trap round.

A tournament event, 100 targets, will cost about $22 to shoot 100 targets (4-rounds of trap). Your shells will cost about $20 if you shoot new shells. $10 if you shoot reloads. There are usually three events; singles, handicap and doubles. Singles event shoots 100 targets, handicap shoots 100 targets and double-trap shoot 50 targets. Total cost to shoot all events for the day? About $45 for 250 targets and $50 for new shells or $25 or less for reloaded shells.

So, if you shoot the entire event for the day your cost will range from $95 to as low as $70. If you can’t afford this, no problem nobody says you have to shoot all the events. Many shooters only shoot the handicap events which pay the big money. In this event your total cost for targets and shells will only be $42 if you shoot new shells and $30 for reloaded shells. Now, that’s an economical sport when you can control the costs.

How Do I Control Costs Or Make Money?

You will be surprised to discover that your costs will come down dramatically, even in your first year of shooting. You can play “options” and you don’t even have to win the shoot to win! If you score well on just one trap (get four chances to do so) the options can return enough money to pay for your entire day of shooting!!! And if you score well on two or three traps? A few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars will pay your way and you didn’t even win the shoot! It’s a neat system where the shooter can make money. Play the 25 and 50 options and maybe the Lewis class too and when you get good, play the “perfect 50’s.”

I know many shooters who have made money in their first year of shooting playing these options. It’s not impossible by no means, in fact it is highly probable you will win some money to pay for your shooting…at least cut your costs in half. Any prizes you win you can keep or sell and that could put some extra money in your pocket. You may at first believe tournament shooting is gambling, but it’s gambling on yourself, not on some slot machine that is rigged to beat you. If you shoot well you will be compensated. If you shoot poorly you may still win money. It’s true. Just shoot well on one trap, blow all the rest and you have some money coming to you and it most always pays for your entry fees and cost of shells! It’s like an insurance policy. The odds are good you will score well at least once out of four times at one of the four traps.

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