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Double Brown Down

by Pursue The Outdoors on March 18th, 2005 in Big Game Hunting

A “once in a lifetime” bear hunt became a reality in 2004 for a seasoned bear hunter from Greensburg P.A. As a returning client from the previous spring, Mr.Vince Rizzo was hoping to harvest a larger bear and possibly a colour phase also. On his previous hunt with us, he had seen and stalked several excellent bear but ended up taking an average black bear at the end of the hunt.

This time, a good first stalk and excellent shot produced a large honey colored boar in prime condition! What a way to start a black bear hunt with a “brown down” the third day. To say the least, this hunt was already a success! With the pressure off, we now were looking for an exceptional sized black bear to fill the second tag. We concentrated our efforts along a beach area where I we had seen a 7 foot plus bear previously. After several hours overlooking a small grassy estuary, no bear appeared. We decided to return to the location where the yacht was anchored and spotted a bear at the head of the inlet from a distance of 3 miles. By the time we boated close enough to judge the animal, he had wandered into the dense forest.

The evening hunt found us heading back to the estuary where we had spent the afternoon. Our cook was keeping an eye on the area
near the anchorage in case another bear appeared there. The wind had come up and changed direction making for unfavourable conditions.
We were getting wet, windblown, and cold quickly loosing confidence in our choice of hunting destinations.

Then a call from the cook. “I got a bear out here on the grass and he looks big! We were about halfway to our destination, turned and headed back with about 1 ½; hours of daylight left and not knowing if the bear would keep feeding. Twenty minutes later, we were stalking toward the bear by boat trying to get to the beach at low tide. There was only one place where we could get to without being seen or winded. We judged the bear as a shooter from 100 yard distance and thought he had some brown coloration on his back and scruff area.


We made it to the shore without detection. Vince bailed off the bow and shot using his “sticks”. The bear was down in the high grass. We secured the boat and waited for five minutes to collect ourselves. The cook radioed saying the bear had not run and was partly visible.

We slowly walked to the downed bear getting directions from the cook. First sight was unbelievable to us both. A huge, dark chocolate colored boar with exceptional hide! There’s a first time for everything but a “double brown down” hunt will be hard to duplicate!

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