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9 Tips For Hunting Scent Setups

by Pursue The Outdoors on June 25th, 2005 in Big Game Hunting
  • Most hunters use scents to attract bucks. Remember that adult bucks responding to scent invariably try to get downwind to check the scent and to detect danger.
  • Also remember that adult bucks try to remain in cover. You can setup in the cover if you are sure the buck won’t detect you.
  • Try to position yourself crosswind of the buck’s travel route to avoid detection.
  • If there is nearby cover the buck will use, and a more open area crosswind of the cover, setup in the open area. Give the buck the cover while you wait in the area it won’t use, and where you won’t be detected.
  • You can also setup downwind of the buck’s approach while luring the buck to a position upwind of you.
  • If you are archery hunting be sure to place the scent close enough for a shot.
  • If you have to setup upwind of the buck’s approach take extreme precautions to avoid detection.
  • Don’t put your stand in a direct line with the buck’s line of travel; you may be seen.
  • For the same reason you should keep your stand site a comfortable distance from the trail itself; far enough away to avoid detection, but close enough for a shot.

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