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Fishing in Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island the past couple weeks has been a bit tough. Mother nature has produced more storms then we're used to this time of year, which has made the normally windy months of spring even more windy. Now that summer is approaching, the wind will start to die down and we can start taking advantage of those flat, calm days that make fishing much more enjoyable.

The bait has been scattered and harder to catch the past few weeks. The wind usually holds off until the afternoon hours but it hasn't been giving us much of a break, even in the mornings. So between the rain and the wind, it has stirred up the water making it hard to steady yourself under the causeway to throw the net or to even find the bait.

On days when bait is a hot commodity, I like to get as many pieces as I can without throwing out my back and then head to my lady fish spots. I catch lady fish with shiny artificials that have hairy tails. If the lady fish are there, you'll know right away because they devour these baits. I'll use the smaller ones as live bait for snook usually in the river or deep cuts. The bigger lady fish is used as cut bait for redfish, trout, etc...They are attracted to the scent of cut bait.

The information in this report is provided as a service to the Fort Myers and Sanibel Island angling community by FishSkinner Charters, Fort Myers beach FL.

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