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You can easily add a music playlist to your profile on


Follow these steps on
1. Create a new account at
2. Click Create Playlist in the top menu.
3. Type a title and description, and click Create Playlist.
4. Use the search box to find your favorite songs.
5. Next to the song you like, click the plus (+) icon. The song is added to your playlist.
6. Click Create Playlist in the top menu.
7. Click Post My Playlist in the top menu.
8. Click Other Sites.
9. Select the playlist you want to get the code for.
10. Select your playlist options, and click Get Code.
11. Copy the code provided.

Follow these steps on
1. Log in to your profile at
2. Click Profile > Edit Profile in the top menu.
3. In the Music text field, paste the code copied from
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Note: The default player width is set to 435 pixels, but we only show 300 pixels in the music block. If you know HTML, you can change the width manually. Just replace "435" and "450" every place it exists in the HTML code with "300".
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