Salty Salmon

Once again the “PTO” team set sail for what promised to be another great salt water season. We were able to spend time with family and friends attempting new techniques fishing for Chinook and Coho. We headed to Hammond Marina for the season opener and tried our luck.

PTO sled strikes Again!

Todd Bright and his son Andrew were able to join us for the first voyage to big blue. As you can see we were blessed to find some “chrome”.

Right after the first rodeo, Todd’s son Andrew gets the next pound down! All we hear is line stripping as Andrew set the hook… “fish on”.

Hang on Buddy![/caption]

Andrew holds the rod with everything he’s got till the Chinook decides to cooperate. After what seemed like ten minutes Andrew lands a beauty!

"Check this Out"

Now that Andrew is an “old” pro, we dropped our gear and trolled south once again. We troll about 200 yards and you guessed it – Andrew’s rod is peeling line once again with a nice Coho. Way to go Andrew!

The day finished out with lots of fresh fish in the box. We headed back over the bar to Hammond where I caught Andrew and Todd catching a little “R&R”.

Break Time

Ok, day number two roles around with more family and friends that show up for “lip rippen” action on old blue. The group split up on different boats and headed out for another attempt. The day proved to be a huge success and my niece caught so many salmon I think her arms were about to give out. Of course Todd finished the day with another large Chinook. Here’s to another safe successful trip “pursuing the outdoors”!

Cami's Day!

Helper Eli

Eli Helping Out

Here are more pictures from the trip – enjoy! Eli was a huge help and Andrew learned how to fillet his own fish.. Congrats, Andrew!

Todd with Coho

BBQ Coho on the Boat!

BBQ on the Boat

The last weekend arrived for us to fish before elk season opened. Our group usually makes a final trip on the third week of August to fish the river. This years final trip proved to be tough as we lost a lot of fish due to poor line and missed hook sets we call “drive by’s”. As you can see in the photos we had great company with beautiful weather. The best part of our last trip this year was watching my brothers hook lots of fish in there boat trolling around us.

"Taking Five"

Way to go “Team Livingston”!

Chris with a Nook!

Chris with a Nook!

Another Nookie

Scott with Another

Tule's are Slick!

Scott with a Keeper

It was sure fun to watch the “rodeo” aboard my brother’s boat while they were catching all these Chinooks! I’d say they were in the right slot catching while we were fishing….. way to go Scott & Chris. Save some for us!

Dinner for Three

Thanks Duckworth for another safe memorable year on “big blue”.

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Troy Neimann

Troy Neimann lives in Central Oregon with his wife of 19 years and their three children. You can find Troy with his family, friends and partners out most weekends enjoying the Lord's creation "Pursuing The Outdoors".