Oregon Coyote 2009

It's That Time Again!

It's That Time Again!

You guessed it – the weather’s cold, snow’s on the ground, rabbits are running for their lives and coyotes are waiting for desperate crys of distress. My brother packs his gear, calls, Foxpro and favorite weapon each year for an opportunity to predator hunt with his long time friend Jess. They drive over and hit a variety of places as they make their way East.

"Yote Country"

"Yote Country"

The cool thing about their adventure is they never know where they’re going or where they will find “Wiley”! Scott called while I was at work and asked if I would join them. Since work’s been so busy, I could’t refuse when there’s a chance to drop a predator and the conditions are right.  I too packed my favorite (22-250) rifle and loaded the Foxpro for another chance to plea its cry for help.

We met about 50 miles East of Bend where I thought we would try our luck near a butte and private fence line. Good thing we had 4 wheel drives  as the ground was starting to pump some serios mud and water. Once we arrived, I gethered the PTO gear for a chance to film and headed in with the crew playing the wind looking for a high spot that would offer visibility.


The cool thing about this place was there had been very little pressure. On the way in we crossed lots of deer tracks followed by coyote tracks and rabbit tracks crossing back and forth.

Here Doggy Doggy....

Here Doggy Doggy....

We hiked about 500 yards from the rigs just over a rise where we felt  predators may not have heard caught our scent. We set up three guys in a line about 10 yards apart for different visual shooting lanes. I placed the Foxpro behind us to help pull anything through the shooters. My brother Scott set up under a Juniper while I stayed out in the open where I could run the camera with the hope of capturing some footage.


Movie Time

Show Time

Once we were set, I played jackrabbit in distress. The air was still with a temp. of about 22 degrees. The sun had just came out between snow flurries. About one minute into the call set my brother whispers “coming in on the left”. I hit the film button, captured the dog and just began to zoom when I hear “BANG” and wonder if the dog is hit. The coyote came to the call so fast we did not have much time to prepare however later review of the film, we realized Scott must have hammered the dog because he never ran out the other side of the tree. Scott gets up after a few minutes to take a peak and wouldnt you know it… Down goes “Wiley”.


What a shot on the run at about 85 yards – Great job Scott and way to remove another predator from the area! We were able to move a few more times and conduct call sets however the morning had come to a close and it was time to head home as Scott and Jess had a long drive back to Tillamook.

Here are some photos of our morning call set results for all you predator hunters.



Dont they just make you want to get out and call more? Here are a few more shots before we headed home.



Ok – Time to get going “really”…..


Heading Out

Heading Out

 We arrived back at the Jeep for a few more photo opps. just to remind us how much fun it is to get out and “Pursue The Outdoors”!



Till we meet again:

Beep Beep!

Beep Beep!


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Troy Neimann

Troy Neimann

Troy Neimann lives in Central Oregon with his wife of 19 years and their three children. You can find Troy with his family, friends and partners out most weekends enjoying the Lord's creation "Pursuing The Outdoors".