Nine Year Itch for the Oregon Pronghorn

After applying and waiting year after year to draw an Oregon pronghorn tag (only to be disappointed each time), my friend Cody finally drew his tag along with his father; 8 years of applying was over. I automatically became the designated camera and pack man.

Opening day started early at 1:30 AM when I rolled out of bed to hop in the truck for the beloved four hour drive. We pulled in and watched the sun come up while we ate a snack to get going.

For the first hour we only saw a few deer. We then decided to find a high spot and glass for a few, first thing I spot a nice buck probably pushing the fifteen to sixteen inch mark. Mike decided to make a stalk and got about 300 yards before getting busted.

The rest of the morning consisted of lots of looking but not a lot of spotting. So we split up that evening Mike went back to the same area to try to spot the buck again but had no luck. Cody and I decided to head out to sit on a rock bluff where we had saw lots of pronghorn cross that morning. We got down in the bluffs where we would be hidden, and started to glass.

Good optics are a must in a hunt like this the land is deceiving on distance and seeing an animal that can dectect movement from up to 4 miles away before he sees you gives you an edge.

As we watched a group of 8 or so for 2-3 hours at around 2000  yards, I kept checking around to make sure there where none in range. Then all of the sudden I spot a rust color moving through the sage brush glistening in the sun; it was a buck feeding right toward us. I told Cody to get ready as I  pointed it out to him. The buck had veered off and was feeding away from us at an angle. I ranged him at 417 yards, and noticed a little cross wind. After taking the wind into consideration, Cody took the shot  and dropped him in his tracks.

Not thirty seconds later we hear Mike on the radio asking “Did you get him?” Cody replied “OH YEAH!!”.

We didn’t get much sleep that night after the drive to where we stayed and dealing with skinning. But after basically an hour and a half nap we where at it again getting in to three bucks before 8 am. All stalks blown that day and we had to leave early to get back to work.

Mike didn’t end up harvesting one but had a great time and we saw lots of quality animals. Plus we have some great memories of the amazing do it yourself hunts we love to do!

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Levi Binford

Levi Binford

From the time that Levi first went hunting with his father he was hooked for life. When he's not working he's usually in the woods or on the river, and has been very successful in his young hunting career.