Larysa Gets Her Gator

Loaded the airboat, got my muzzy gator rig on my bow, earmuffs, bug spray, I’m ready!

I have never been on an airboat before so that was an adventure in itself. I couldn’t hide my excitement, especially while we were cruising right over the top of floating vegetation! These boats can definitely go where no other boat can. I was distracted by how beautiful my surroundings were I almost forgot we were searching for gators! I never realized how breathtaking Florida swamp land really is. This was basically my backyard and I didn’t even know it existed. The best part was when the sun was setting and the sky was illuminated which reflected so beautifully off the water; pure nature at its best.

Before the sun set, we spotted two really nice sized gators but they disappeared sooner than we could get to them.

Riding through the swamp in the airboat at night was a whole other adventure! You don’t realize how many gators are in those swamps until you ride around at night with a light. Shinning the light around the water, their eyes glowed red and pierced right back at you! We had gators all over but finding the right one was the hard part. The smaller ones were easy to get close to. We even had about a 5 foot gator swim right into our airboat.

Cruised the swamp for the gator with my name on it. We eased up, kept my eye on him while I drew back and watched the gator splash and dance around like a firecracker when my muzzy arrow penetrated him. Now the work begins! We had to lasso my gator to get him in the boat to get started on my handbag.

The guys I was hunting with inform me I have to sex the gator in order to fill out my tag. They were telling me to stick my finger in the hole to find out if it was a male or female. I grew suspicious and asked if they were kidding. Since this was my first time gator hunting, I wouldn’t put it past them to play a joke on me.

I contemplated the idea and went for it not really thinking about it, however, I was having trouble finding the hole. Once my finger found the opening, it quickly retracted away and I was instantly grossed out because it just dawned on me where my finger was and what I just felt. Turns out this gator was a male.

Gator hunting was insane! It was an extreme adrenaline rush and a great shopping trip. I ‘m looking forward to my new handbag and I cannot wait to go next year to get a matching pair of shoes!
Gators 0, Larysa 1

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Larysa Switlyk

Larysa Switlyk

Larysa Switlyk is from Sarasota, Florida. Her goals include following her passion for the outdoors, learning as much as possible about hunting and fishing, stressing the importance of regulations, becoming a role model to both men and women, and encouraging women to get more involved in outdoor sports.