Where To Hunt

Where to Hunt

Looking for a place to hunt? Through our relationship with Recreation.gov, we help you identify hunting and other recreational opportunities on federal lands. In addition to lakes, forests, and other hunting areas, there are approximately 300 units in the National Wildlife Refuge System that are open to hunting.

Please note that hunting availability on America's public lands depends on the site and season of your trip. Hunting fees, licensing and seasonal restrictions may vary from site to site. For more detailed information, directly contact the site where you plan on hunting.


Select a state below to view the units and other areas that are open for hunting:


  • If you're looking for a hunting guide or outfitter, please see our Guides and Outfitters Directory
  • Get written landowner permission before hunting on private lands.
  • Consult a map, as some private land is mixed with public land, especially in Western states.
  • See your local fish and wildlife agency's Web site for more information on licensing, seasons, and hunting opportunities.
  • Check our our where to fish page.

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