Outdoor Glossary: J

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smaller lunar elliptic diurnal constituent. This constituent, with M1, modulates the amplitudes of the declinational K1, for the effect of the Moon's elliptical orbit. Speed = T + s + h - p = 15.585,443,3 per solar hour.

Japan Current
Same as Kuroshio

Part of the mouth supporting the teeth

(fishing) Fishing from a manmade pier or rock formation that extends into a body of water

(1) On open seacoasts, a structure extending into a body of water to direct and confine the stream or tidal flow to a selected CHANNEL, or to prevent shoaling. Jetties are built at the mouth of a river or ENTRANCE to a BAY to help deepen and stabilize a CHANNEL and facilitate navigation. (2) (SMP) A structure usually projecting out into the SEA at the mouth of a river for the purpose of protecting a navigational channel, a harbor or to influence water currents.

A method of catching squid by using hook and lines which are continuously lowered and howled. Jigging machines do this automatically on modern fishing vessels

jigging reels
A reel that has the ability to present artificial lures in short, jerking motions.

Front part of the neck. Synonym(s): foreneck, throat, throat patch. In picture it is referred to as foreneck.

julian calendar
A calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in the year 45 B.C., and slightly modified by Augustus a few years later. This calendar provided that the common year should consist of 365 days and that every fourth year, now known as a bissextile or leap year, should contain 366 days, making the average length of the year 365.25 days. It differs from the modern or Gregorian calendar in having every fourth year a leap year, while in the modern calendar century years not divisible by 400 are common years. See Gregorian calendar.

julian date
Technique for the identification of successive days of the year when monthly notation is not desired. This is especially applicable in computer data processing and acquisition where library indexing is necessary.


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