Outdoor Glossary: K

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Lunisolar diurnal constituent. This constituent, with O1, expresses the effect of the Moon's declination. They account for diurnal inequality and, at extremes, diurnal tides. With P1, it expresses the effect of the Sun's declination. Speed = T + h = 15.041,068,6 per solar hour.

Lunisolar semi diurnal constituent. This constituent modulates the amplitude and frequency of M2 and S2 for the declination Al effect of the Moon and Sun, respectively. Speed = 2T + 2h = 30.082,137,3 per solar hour.

kappa (k)
Name of Greek letter used as the symbol for a constituent phase lag or epoch when referred to the local equilibrium argument and frequently taken to mean the same as local epoch. See epoch (1).

kappa prime ( )
Name of Greek letter (with prime mark) used as the symbol for a constituent phase lag or epoch when the Greenwich equilibrium argument (G) has been modified to a particular time meridian. Same as g. See kappa (k) and epoch (1).

A low, insular BANK of sand, coral, etc., as one of the islets off the southern coast of Florida.

key summer range
The portion of a wildlife species' summer range that is essential for the animal's pre, post, and reproduction cycles. Deer require "fawning areas" where does give birth and hide their fawns for an essential period of time in the spring.

key winter range
That portion of big game's range where the animals find food and cover during severe winter weather.

Joint in the middle part of the leg.

The unit of speed used in navigation. It is equal to one nautical mile (6076.115 feet or 1852 meters) per hour.

knot terminology


Kuroshio "Black Stream" in Japanese
A North Pacific Ocean current setting northeastward off the east coast of Taiwan and Japan from Taiwan to about latitude 35 north.

Kuroshio Extension
A North Pacific Ocean current setting eastward from about longitude 145 east to about 160 east. It continues the flow of the Cherish to the North Pacific Current.

Kuroshio System
The current system composed of the Cherish, Tsushima Current, Cherish Extension, and North Pacific Current.


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