Outdoor Glossary: V

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V0 + u
See equilibrium argument

An elongated depression, usually with an outlet, between BLUFFS or between ranges of hills or mountains.

characteristics of things that make them more or less desirable, important, or useful.

vanishing tide
In a predominantly mixed tide with very large diurnal inequality, the lower high water (or higher low water) becomes indistinct (or vanishes) at times of extreme declinations.

variability of waves
(1) The variation of heights and periods between individual waves within a wave train. (2) The variation in direction of propagation of waves leaving the GENERATING AREA. (3) The variation in height along the crest, usually called "variation along the wave".

variation (of compass)
Difference between true north as determined by the Earth's axis of rotation and magnetic north as determined by the Earth's magnetism. Variation is designated as east or positive when the magnetic needle is deflected to the east of true north and as west or negative when the deflection is to the west of true north. Also called magnetic declination.

variational inequality
An inequality in the Moon's motion due mainly to the tangential component of the Sun's attraction.

variety class
A way to classify landscapes according to their visual features. This system is based on the premise that landscapes with the greatest variety or diversity have the greatest potential for scenic value.

vegetation management
Activities designed primarily to promote the health of forest vegetation for multiple-use purposes.

vegetation type
A plant community with distinguishable characteristics.

velocity (of current)
Speed and set of the current

velocity profile
The velocity gradient within the bottom boundary layer, displayed as a graph of height above the bed against the velocity of the flow.

vernal equinox
See equinoxes

vertical diversity
The diversity in a stand that results from the different layers or tiers of vegetation.

viable population
The number of individuals of a species sufficient to ensure the long-term existence of the species in natural, self-sustaining populations that are adequately distributed throughout their range.

virgin forest
A natural forest virtually uninfluenced by human activity.

Resistance to flow

visual quality objective
A set of measurable goals for the management of forest visual resources.

visual resource
A part of the landscape important for its scenic quality. It may include a composite of terrain, geologic features, or vegetation

small, mouse-like rodents that are generally darker in color and have shorter tails than mice. The meadow vole is a common prey species for foxes and coyotes.

vulgar establishment
Same as establishment of the port


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