Sunrise and Sunset Calculator

The Sunrise and Sunset Calculator allows you to view times of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, or the beginning and end of twilight, for one year.

Type of Table:
State or Territory:
City or Town Name:

Note: The location you enter above must be a city or town in the U.S or its territories. The place's location will be retrieved from a file with over 22,000 places listed. Either upper- or lower-case letters or a combination can be used.

Spell out place name prefixes, as in "East Orange", "Fort Lauderdale", "Mount Vernon", etc. The only exception is "St.", which is entered as an abbreviation with a period, as in "St. Louis".

How to print the table

The table is 134 characters wide, so to print it you must use landscape orientation and 8-point type. An alternative scheme is to save the table to a file on your computer (for example, in Netscape, click on File then Save As...), then use your favorite word processor or text editor to print it.


For information on the definitions of rise, set, and twilight, see Rise, Set, and Twilight Definitions in FAQ.

Time zones

The times of the phenomena are presented in the standard time of the place requested, using the current time zone of the place. Standard time in time zones was introduced in the U.S. in 1883, but the time zone boundaries have evolved considerably since then, with places shifting from one zone to another. There is no attempt here to track such changes.

Daylight time

Daylight time is not implemented in this program. When daylight time is in use, add one hour to the times listed in the table.

This tool is made available by the U.S. Naval Observatory.


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