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New Motorized Fishing Bobber!

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Fishing Tackle

The Trolling Bobber is a self propelled fishing bobber powered by just one AA battery. Easy to use. Simply turn the fishing bobber on and drop it in the water. It then takes your fishing bait out as far as your fishing line will allow. This new fishing bobber includes an adjustable rudder for more control over its path and it also comes in three different sizes allowing for heavier fish loads.
The adjustable rudder also has a trick up its sleeve. Fishing with the Trolling Bobber’s rudder set straight will allow for steering capabilities. Simply tighten your bobber’s fishing line and jerk it to the right or left. Doing so will grab the trolling bobber’s back side and ultimately changing the direction of the trolling. Another thing is many people want a method to shut off the bobber from a distance. While there is no shut off mechanism from afar, one can quite easily tighten their line. Obviously the motor is still running, but you are now in your preferred fishing spot and aren’t leaving it anytime soon.
My personal field tests had me out distancing all of my competition. Being able to fish all the way across the pond instead of along the shore made me a happy camper because we all know that the bigger fish is in the deep water wink, wink. Strangely enough the littler fish weren’t scared by my bobber either. It actually attracted them without bait. When I noticed this, I was crossing my fingers hoping that the same would hold true for the big fish I had in my cross hairs. In the end, I got my prize I was hoping for. Overall, I had a satisfactory experience with my Trolling Bobber.
In my opinion, the Trolling Bobber is a great gift for fishermen and woman of all ages. It offers safety minded fisherman an alternative to casting their bait and competitive fisherman that much more of a chance in reaching that ever elusive perfect spot. Best of all, its a great fishing gift just because it’s a fishing bobber with a motor on it!. That alone will start a conversation with your fishing buddies.

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