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Power of Mind

by Pursue The Outdoors on November 30th, 1999 in Competition Shooting

You are well aware trap shooting requires 10% ability and 90% psychology. It’s a mind game! But just how do you get this sports psychology anyway? You don’t get it…you already have it within…all you need do is discover it and put it to use.

Example. When you want something you usually get it. It could be a simple mental command for any consumable product…from a bag of Kettle Chips to a new pick-up truck or whatever. Thought creates desire which creates results. That thought/desire created a momentum within, a goal to complete and it gets achieved one way or another. Let’s take the next step…

If you feel blue down in the dumps, have you noticed nothing seems to turn out right? Trouble begets trouble. But if you lift your spirits the present and future appears brighter…and it is. People greet you with a smile, bills get paid and it’s a fabulous life. Just another example of how “thought” generates an invisible power to manifest a physical reality. Your thought makes things happen in the real world. You do not need to understand how it works…just that it does produces results. That’s all we’ll probably ever know about how the mysteries of mind power works. Spiritual things are invisble things and thoughts are intangibles in themseves…we can’t put our finger on it.

There are many unseen powers around us we do not fully understand yet we see and feel the result; the wind, the life force within plants, gravity holding the planets and galaxies in their courses, atomic energy within the stars and the invisible atom, the list is eternal. All are mysteries and all are very powerful forces. And all that you see was created by the unseen. Like the laws of physics, you can’t see them but you can sure feel them and you can’t change these controlling laws regardless to your disposition.


What if, just what if you could take a chance and believe their is a power within you that can turn your life around? What if, just what if all of the bad things happening in your life are actually manifestations of wrong thinking? Caused not by thinking negative in itself but rather a deep-seated “belief” in what you think. So if you entertain thoughts of a failing or negative nature…they materialize! That’s an awesome responsibility isn’t it? Do you think you can believe this? Does it make sense to you thoughts can produce a tangibnle reality? Do you believe trapshooters who attend a shoot expecting to lose are going to win?

Wether you believe in God, a creator or not doesn’t matter because your belief in God or disbelief will not change one law in the universe. So what if there were a law of an invisible nature that essentially said, “For what you believe you shall be.” Hmmm, your religion or lack of such would not change that law. The bible indicates that God gave man free will. What could that possibly mean? How did this emense universe come to be? Something, someone created it? A higher intelligence? I believe it to be so. Nothing comes from nothing so there must be something/someone who made all things. So getting back to the law…

Free will. The power to create one’s own Heaven or Hell on Earth. Scary thought, neverthless all roads of reason point to this reality. So, if there is a law in place that gives us free will to create, we should be mindful of what we think for it may just come to be! However, thinking in itself is not the sole power…it is the “belief” in the thought which gives it that magical quality to create…to change circumstances and change lives. Faith…that’s the key! Believing you have what you do not already have. Could it be purely coinciental that many top-gun shooters pray for help and get it? Could a prayer simply be a belief in a yet unseen result? Is there power in prayer? I believe there is power in prayer as long as you believe your prayer will come into being…believe it will materialze with simple faith and it happens. That’s all the proof you’ll need…results.. just pure results.

In trap shooting we hear often to be confident and maintain a positive attitude quite a bit and many try to become confident and fail. Why? It’s not that they did not try hard, it’s because they tried too hard. The harder you try, the less faith you have! Drop your pen to the floor and it falls. The law of gravity will not be denied. The law of thought, law of mind, law of faith requires no sweat or strain from you. Once you believe your invisible thoughts can create and manifest into the physical world results…you simply believe in your thought and it shall be. Can you bring yourself to believe this? Will you put it to the test to see if it will work for you?

I am not an authority on the subject of the power of mind, a student only. When I first read about these things I was skeptical, though much of it made sense to a degree, I gave it a try. My life turned around in incredible and fascinating ways. Then I finally started to see what the Bible and Philosophers of the ages were trying to tell us…we have a greater power within us which can create wonderful things in our life if we will only believe with simple faith, for there are laws in place we can invoke at will to create the desired result we seek, good or bad. I will say this. I never really knew what Jesus meant when he said, “The truth shall set you free.” Through his examples of performing miracles he was simply demonstrating the power we have within us already, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” What I thought was complicated religion was really a set of simple laws already in place and the Prophets’ all tried to tell us, but we keep missing the boat…it’s so simple it eludes us. It’s too easy so it won’t work. How little faith and how blind we are to the truth. The truth is a law. A power that is already in existance which is always at work. If you don’t believe, you’ll live with the resultes of your thoughts anyway, so it’s not a religion as it is a reality as real as the air your breathe. It’s a matter of choice.

Certainly, this short article cannot explore the deeper aspects of the laws of the universe and the nature of these powers. I am only explaining, how I understand the power of thought works in relation to an unseen law. At this point you should take a peek at the Science of Mind. It is not a cult or a religion and they won’t hound you for money. They will teach you how to change your life by using these laws. You simply try them and if they work then you know what to do next. You apply the same priciples to your trap shooting and you’ll get results. They will open your mind to see things as they are and to see the unseen materialize. And regardless of your religious beliefs, I have yet to read where they interfere with it. If anything, they enhance your faith with understanding. And this teaching goes way beyond the shallowness of positive thinking. You learn positive belief!

What Will You Learn and Experience?

  • Cure yourself from physical illness and pain.
  • Increase your income.
  • Get bills paid.
  • Resolve family discourses.
  • Dissolve insecurity and fear.
  • Live life to the fullest.
  • Remove yourself from poverty and despair.
  • Build true confidence.
  • Replace depression with happiness.
  • People no longer have power over you.
  • The cold cruel hand of failure releases its grip.
  • And much more!

All with the power of thought. Testimonials from other people revealing the horrible lilves some of these people lived and how it all changed on a dime. In an instant. No long waiting or constant begging for God to help…he’s already put the laws in place! All you have to do is use them. Amazing, but it’s real. It works. I’ve seen the results first hand in my own life…so I’m convinced.

How Will This Help My Trap Shooting?

  • Now, what if you could begin to tap into these laws to help you reach higher scores in trap shooting? Wouldn’t that at least be worth a try?
  • What if it works and your scores skyrocket?
  • What if it opened your mind so wide you could absorb all the knowledge there is to know about trap shooting without confusion?
  • What if you began to see trap shooting income filling your bank account?
  • Winning more shoots than you thought you could ever win in your wildest dreams?
  • What if you hated your current job and suddenly all of the nuisances and gripes that tore at your heart and mind vanished?
  • That fears dissolved faster than ice on a warm day?
  • Imagine waking up and knowing good things are going to happen to you today…and they do!
  • Imagine what you imagine becoming reality.

I don’t just believe it will…I know it will! It will happen because there is no one, nobody, that can stop it from happening except yourself. That’s the power of free will. And the choice is yours to make to whom you will serve…freedom or slavery. Your choice is your “thought.”

So, if you want to begin this journey to a new life of freedom and understanding invest $12 and buy this book, “The Millionaire Joshua.” It’s not a get-rich-quick book as the title would suggest. It’s the story of Joshua leading the Israelites from Egypt with with Moses. Say what? That’s what I thought too until I read the first chapter and couldn’t put the book down! This book teaches you the principles of these laws and how they work. It just so happened that Joshua became a multi-millionaire as a side-benefit of using the laws. A reward you could say. You can order the book from DeVorss & Co. listed above. Then at the same time get a subscription to the Science of Mind magazine and tell me what happens to your life. I’d like to know.

It took me about 30-days to begin to see some results in the way I was thinking as so much had to be reversed, and a year to really see big results as I learned more about it and started to believe it. I had a tough time at first with the magazine as it gets quite deep quickly so that’s why I say read the book first along with the magazine.

Frankly, I don’t see where a person could go wrong here reading this material. It’s not a religion and it will not upset your beliefs, but only help you to understand ever more what you’ve always wanted to know.

Trap Shooting Terms Applied to the Power of Mind

  • Visualization — A common trap shooting term, a technique we know works when it is applied. This is an example of the power of mind to create, to manifest a reality from the unseen by invoking a belief, a thought, a vision into a tangible result. There is no sweat or strain to use it. You do it and the results materialize. It’s so simple. Faith in action.
  • Concentration — A frame of mind to focus on a job at hand. It is a thought focused to accomplish a goal which concentrates the energy of mind to perform a specific task. There is no sweat or strain. If there is you’re doing it wrong.
  • Confidence — An overwhelming belief in one’s ability to get the job done. It’s having simple faith in yourself. You know you can do because you believe you can. Faith invoking the power of thought to produce a tangible rise in performance and achievement.
  • Focus — The professional trapshooter begins this process of getting focused the night before the shoot and maintains a slow state of mind to channel the power of thought upon arrival at the shoot. Negative thinking is hereby allowed to be flushed from the mind and positive conviction replaces it. This focus, a thought process, then triggers visualization, concentration, confidence and increases even more focus. Again, the power of the mind is used to enhance the physical outcome where the invisible becomes reality.

Visualization, Concentration, Confidence, Focus. All are unseen yet we know of their power to manifest that which can be seen, and it’s all part and parcel to the power of mind. The Science of Mind is simply the study of the mind and how it can create, transform, reverse situations. A source of power.

If you shoot enough targets over many years you will learn of these techniques of faith or you can learn them right now without having to expend tens of thousands of dollars to learn it the hard way. But sooner or later you will have to learn how to manage the inner process of trap shooting…the mind, if you wish to shoot well consistently.

You must have knowledge to excel. Knowledge of the inner secrets of the game of trap shooting to begin the physical process of shooting targets with precision. Then you learn the mental processes required to bring yourself up to a higher level of performance. Both are required. The trouble is both are not learned by many trapshooters simply pounding away at targets on Sunday shoots getting ready for the the next competitive event. What are they really learning? Sadly, for most, they are only re-learning what they already know, rehearsing that which does not work. Repeating the same old mistakes over-and-over-again. But you can escape from all this.

Trap Shooting Secrets book begins the process of learning the inside tricks of the trade and then opens your mind to see things differently, to break out of that slump holding your scores back. Precision Shooting — The Trapshooter’s Bible takes you to that higher level of shooting performance learning the finer aspects of trap shooting. The Science of Mind takes you into the final phase where all you have learned is applied with conviction. The end result is a powerful trapshooter with a powerful mind with a good life to enjoy it all!

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