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Late Breeding and Post Rut Activity

by Pursue The Outdoors on June 25th, 2005 in Big Game Hunting

From late December into January the does that did not conceive earlier may come into a late estrus. Older unhealthy does and does fawns may come into estrus at this time. Both the dominant and subdominant bucks may start cruising, scraping and chasing does again.

By late December in the North and as late as February in the South once the breeding is done the bucks return to their core areas to rest up after the rut, and feed to put on the weight they lost rutting, so they can make it through the winter.

Depending on the severity of the weather, the snow depth, and the availability of food sources, the deer may shift from fall home ranges to winter home ranges. In some areas they may migrate from less than one mile, to several miles.

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