Fall Trout Fishing

Had a buddy call last weekend to do something fun so we chose to head east and look for trout action while the weather was nice. Jeff decided to drive over from Portland and bring his daughter for what promised to be another banner day fishing!

Jeff not knowing what the day would bring steps up to the plate for the first cast….. “fish on” as his spinner disappears. Eli (my son) watches as the trout makes multiple runs while trying to spit the hook.

Jeff & Jane

Jeff & Jane

Jeff displays one of Maury’s finest before releasing. Alright – so the size is a bit less than folks are use to from the westside where Salmon and Steelhead roam however, I warn folks there are monsters lurking at this hideaway. Jeff and Jane headed to the other side for more “lip rippen” action looking for some heavier bruins!

All hands gather at the dock where fish had been surfacing to try their luck with a variety of lures. What do ya know??? “fish on” and everybody scrambles while the fish go into a feeding frenzy….

Jeff with a Release

Jeff with a Release

Jeff lands another fish while the kids watch and observe. As you can see, Jeff is experiencing a little struggle trying to hang on to Walter. Once the excitement calmed down we decided to graduate to another lake in search of fish with a little more shoulders. As we loaded the rigs for departure the girls felt it was time to relax in the sun while enjoying lunch.

Now this was no ordinary trout fishing day – this was father daughter day and “quality” time with the kids enjoying a beautiful weekend at Maury Mtn Ranch. After lunch the group headed to a lake where I knew we might be able to convince my 18 year old daughter Robyn to give fly fishing a try. Once arrived, we snuck up to the water where Robyn made her first cast attempting to present a wet fly. When the nymph hit the water Robyn’s fly line straightened with the first strike and “fish on”!

Nice fish Robyn….. way to make us flyfisherman jealous! Now that Robyn had become a master at flyfishing, Jeff and Jane were on the other side having a hard time keeping fish off their hook!

Jeff started realizing the fish in this lake run a little heavier. Ends up the group fished the pond for about an hour catching over a dozen trout. One great memory about this trip was that the fish were hungry and willing to hit lures, flys and bait so the kids had a great time learning differnt techniques.

Finally the hour came when the sun began to fade into the west when I knew fishing at the upper lake would prove to be a challenge offering trophy sized trout. We drove up the gravel road looking for wildlife and as we began to approach the next lake where I warned everybody how the fish are smart and wise to shadows, noise and splashing. The strategy for this lake is to move quietly and make one cast allowing the bait to sit where shadows won’t spook em. Jeff walked to the bank and looked down to find trout swimming around on the prowl waiting to strike as if the feeding hour were about to begin!

For those who love to trout fish and want to try something new visit www.maurytroutfishing.com and book a time for family, friends or a group get away where the ranch is beautiful and outdoors spectacular!

Thanks again Maury Mtn. Trout for another life memory with friends and kids pursuing the great outdoors!

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