PTO at the 2009 Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show

Once again Pursue The Outdoors hit the road, this time for the Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show, March 5-8, 2009, in Redmond, Oregon.



Like Portland, Troy, Lyn, and I met a lot of great people at this show, and want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth.


Troy gave his Northwest Elk Academy seminar each day of the show, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their odds in elk country. If you missed it, Troy will be giving his seminar throughout the year at various sporting goods stores in the Northwest, and you can also get the Northwest Elk Academy DVD from our store.


We couldn’t fit the Troy’s PTO wrapped Jeep in the booth this time, but we did manage to have it right out front where everyone walked by to get into the main hall.




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Jeremy Henricks

Jeremy Henricks

Jeremy Henricks is a fanatic when it comes to hunting blacktail deer and elk in his home state of Oregon. He is also the editor of Pursue The Outdoors.