2009 Youth Deer Hunting Season


This year was the first year that my son Luke was old enough to deer hunt. I can only say that he was just a little more than ready to go. We tried turkey hunting in the spring and just couldn’t make it happen.  The Missouri youth deer hunting season is 2 weeks before the regular deer hunting season. It lasts for 2 days a Saturday and Sunday. I’ll let the pictures and the video tell the rest of the story……







Well the 2009 Youth Deer Hunting Season lasted for about 30 minutes. We had a close encounter with a coyote. Luke had been practicing his calling and wanted to try it out. So after the coyote went on his way Luke got out his grunt call and I rattled for him. About a minute later this (in the words of Luke) “MONSTER BUCK” showed up. We had been practicing with his rifle out to about 50-60 yards. The buck was a about 75-100 yards away but Luke was sure that he could make the shot……and he did. It was a great shot and put him down right away. I’m not sure who was more excited and surprised him or me. There couldn’t have been a better way to start his deer hunting career.

The weather here has been very nice to be outside, up in the 70’s for over a  week. Not the best weather for deer hunting but maybe there will be a big cold front move in by the weekend.

The regular rifle season starts this weekend. I sure hope I am as lucky as Luke was 🙂

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Chad Wiley

Chad Wiley

Chad Wiley lives in Missouri and has recently started tournament bass fishing, which has become an obsession.