Campfire Kids and Other Homestead Fun

In the bush you live by the seasons; hunting season, trapping season, building season. Freeze up, break up there is a season for everything. Freeze up is a fantastic time in the bush hunting is over trapping hasn’t started it is more laid back time. Time for fun stuff like yesterday Jenny made homemade marshmallows so last night we built a campfire and had hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. Even at 5 below we all had a ball except ma & pa froze out long before the boys were ready to call it a night.

Jed, Zeke and Bear - Nov. 2009

Life is good!

Whts a little smoke when you're having fun!!!

What's a little smoke when you're having fun

This is what memories are made of, out here we don’t do TV or video games. In the bush family is the social order just like it was a few generations back before all the modern contrivance’s. Even in the bush family time can be hard to come by so we try to take advantage of every chance we get. For the next several weeks until the lake ice builds up enough for ski planes to come & go we will be landlocked. Except for a few daily chores- firewood, hauling water from the spring, and home school life will be pretty laid back for a while. Time to get out, maybe pick a few more berries before the snow covers them up for the winter or taking a hike to the lake and watch it freeze.


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Chuck Lamb

Chuck Lamb

Chuck Lamb lives on a remote Alaska homestead with his wife and sons. He makes a living guiding, running a remote trapline, and writing about homesteading and other outdoor skills.