D-I-Y The Only Way To Go!


Hunting season is here yet again for another year and still do it yourself hunts are the only way to go. They are the most rewarding of all the different kinds in my perspective. The memories seem to last longer and the self joy is much better. This year in Idaho we found some of those great sought after memories.

We decided to make this year a father son hunt. Due to my buddy Josh and I being layed off we decided to leave three days early to do a little scouting. After the nine and a half hour drive and an hour pit stop in Post Falls Idaho at the Cabelas store we made it. Happly greeted by Grandma with a plate of dinner on the table.

The first morning we headed for high country. The first unit we came to we spotted 7 doe and 4 skippers. About two miles down the road we hit another unit where we spotted a 20 plus inch buck and a nice fork as well as 22 more doe and skippers. We then headed back toward home do get the hunny do list done so we could focus on getting some animals down for the opener. In the evening we spotted eight elk close to home.


The second morning we went to try to find some whitetail bucks we ended up just finding more muleys. One buck stood out he was only a spike but had a spike that came out and curled around under his chin. Unfortunately we could not find him during season to take him out of the herd. That evening we headed back out close to Grandmas. Walking a gated road we spotted two smaller whitetailed bucks and six doe. Once we got to where we wanted to spot from we saw a herd of elk headed for the timber. We decided to wait it out and see if we could find a bull if they were to come back out. While we waited I spotted a nice black bear at 660 yards and we set up to get a shot, but were never presented one. He headed in to the other side of the timber from the elk and spooked them out letting us see twenty cow and two bulls.

Opening day we headed back up to find that 20 plus inch buck. First thing we spot a couple doe and some skippers. Then Josh says got him he had spotted that big buck again. Him and my dad headed over to give it a try as Gary and I spotted. As they where getting set up another hunter spooked the deer and he was gone. We packed up and headed over to try to find the goofy spike. We got over to where we had spotted him the day before to find a 60inch bull moose. Watching him for over an hour we got to listen to him make his mating call. With only had about an hour of daylight left I spotted a huge color phase bear pushing the 400 mark but yet again we were never presented a good shot.


Day four we headed up to some extremely high country to do some exploring on the way up we got to see the beautiful sight of a frozen river. When we where about a mile from our turn we had a herd of elk cross the highway. Doing lots of glassing and lots of driving we had not seen anything all day so we decided to make some lunch. After lunch we started to hunt down toward home and spotted a coyote. I got set up and as she ran I shot her at two hundred yards. She dropped in her tracks leaving only a vapor where she stood.



Day five we attempted to find the big buck we had spotted two days before. First deer to spot we spotted a nice fork. Gary and I headed over and left Josh and my dad to spot. Josh was relaying on where the deer was headed and was dumbfounded to hear two shots before we where even close to where we could see the fork. Gary had spotted the big buck and down he went. I came over the radio “BBD Big Buck Down!” Josh came back saying the fork was still there but getting nervous. So I took off running over the next ridge to see him headed for the timber. I ranged him at 480 yards and let the 300win roar. Josh came over the radio hollering nice shot. He saw it all through the spotting scope watching the buck roll twice before even hearing the shot.




Day seven we went up to where we got four bucks last year and brought Barb with us to try to get her something and right off the bat we spotted a herd of elk feeding. We got her set up and the tourit dialed in at 603. She pulled down on the bull and shot, he dropped and got right back up. She shot again and he dropped for a second time only to get back up. Then a third shot he layed to rest for good. She dose not get around very well so us boys headed over to pack him out. On the way over I found a moose shed and we decided to pack him out on a closed road five and a half miles down to the gate. It took all day.



Day eight we decided to take take Deniese out to look for some animals and sure enough we got on more elk after two hours of glassing. We got her set up and ranged the cow at 817 yards. We made sure she was steady and told her to squeeze then kaboom whop. One shot one kill. Perfect lung shot. So us boys packed up and went down to make another pack for the second day in a row.


The rest of our trip we only saw a few deer no good bucks though. We brought home some good meat and a couple nice animals. Those great memories where made with some close friends and family. Remember do it yourself hunts are a great way to keep those dream hunts cheap and are much more rewarding. All in all I believe we skated out of ther only spending about $400 each on the trip, plus tags. Good huntin to yall and god bless. Lets see some great kills and hear those amazing memories.


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Levi Binford

Levi Binford

From the time that Levi first went hunting with his father he was hooked for life. When he's not working he's usually in the woods or on the river, and has been very successful in his young hunting career.