My Trinity: Family, Bulls, and MMA

Trinity…Trinity…Trinity…!  All day, the word Trinity has been floating around my head.  And then it came to me.  My life is a divine Trinity!  Well, not that divine, but a Trinity for sure.  Most people that know me realize that I live by a certain “Trinity,” they just don’t know I call it that.  Hell, I didn’t know I called it that either, until now.  The Trinity I’m talking about is first, and most important my family/God, second, bowhunting and third, MMA/Muay Thai/CrossFit.  Or, is it second, MMA/Muay Thai/CrossFit and third, bowhunting?  Either way, If I were a monster I would absolutely be a three-headed one!  One of my heads would be shaped like a well carved-out broad head, the other would have a shaved head, shaped like a 2-pood kettle bell, while wearing a Mongkhon (mong-kawng) – Sacred Muay Thai Fighter Head Band – and the third would have the beautiful blue eyes of my daughter, the snarl of my son and the high cheek bones of my gorgeous wife.  Either way, those are my addictions or my so called “Trinity!”  Why am I telling you this you might ask?  Well, because my addictions and passions have turned into actual careers.  MMA/MT/CF and bowhunting have all transpired into thriving careers.

Chris Camozzi's First Victory In The UFC

Recently, my gym factoryX Muay Thai/CrossFit Littleton has exploded due to all of our successes.  Namely, my Pro fight team has transformed itself and we have two wins in the UFC thanks to Chris Camozzi.  Other promotions and prominent organizations are offering my fighters opportunities to make names of themselves and the doors on the gym continue to rotate with traffic from the regular “Joe” wanting to get fit and better themselves.  In the midst of all this, my brother, our wives and I continue to fill orders for our casual hunting clothing line.  Knotty dreamz casual hunting apparel is based out of my home state, Colorado.  Life doesn’t get much better than this, does it?  Well… yes it does!  I’ve waited 6-years to draw a coveted archery elk unit in Colorado and recently I received my successful drawn tag in the mail from the CDOW.  Wooohooo!  The last time I hunted in this unit I passed on many quality bulls and got the opportunity to shoot at a giant, estimated around 340 inches, 6×7 bull and successfully, wait for it…MISSED!  For 6-years I’ve replayed that miss over and over in my head.  My family and friends haven’t let me forget it either.  Who needs enemies if you’ve got friends/family like that right?  Despite the razing and the self torture over that monumental miss, the pre-hunt planning is already in the works.  I’m shooting my bow almost daily, my physical training is on its way to peaking, my gear has already been scrutinized and a scouting trip is already planned.  Oh yeah, my brother Dave, has also drawn this tag and we will be hunting together once again.

My Son & I Get'n Dialed In w/ Our New knotty dreamz Hats

So, all of that brings me to a distant memory 6-years ago when I last hunted this unit.  Life was not as rosy as it is today.  My wife and I were expecting our first child and despite a lot of hardships in her pregnancy we tried to keep a positive attitude.  I remember vividly feeling overwhelmed about the troubled pregnancy, my career, money, etc…  However, once again my brother, father and I drew this same coveted elk unit and that seemed like the best stress relief option for me at the time.  Before I left on my elk hunt, I interrogated the doctors about my leaving and made them reassure to me that my wife and soon to be daughter would be fine without me for 10 days.  I know, I know, a bold move to go hunting with my wife 6 months pregnant.  However, I told you it is an addiction!  I digress.  So, here’s my vivid memory, I just missed the biggest bull I’ve ever hunted, we lost one of our horses due to a freak unknown accident in which he broke his leg at spike camp and I waited years to draw this tag and left with a bull, but not the one I came for.  To make matters worse, when I arrived to base camp my cell phone had an eery message on it from my wife.  She said, “I need you to call me immediately when you get this!”  For the most part I’m a really calm guy, but this time I was freaking out.  I called my wife and found out that she was in the hospital ready to have our daughter 3-months premature.  The thoughts that raced through my mind were paralyzing.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I was 6 hours away from both of them and needless to say that was the longest trip home I’ve ever had.  Despite 2 years of some really tough hardships, my wife and daughter are doing great now.

My Wife & Daughter...It's All Good Now!

With all of that said, I sit at my computer typing and wondering what my next elk hunting adventure will be like this year.  If it’s anything like the past elk hunts it will definitely be worth writing about.  So, as I hunt for words to close this out, I’m still wondering what monster would mess with my three-headed “Trinity?”  Bulls, Family & MMA, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.  Do you have a three-headed monster lurking in you?  If so, let me know what it looks like.  Maybe we could get them together over a BBQ and some beers?  Or, maybe not?!  It would cost a fortune to feed all those three-headed monsters!  Just a thought…hunt rugged and good luck this year!

CrossFit...Get'n Into Elk Hunting Shape

CrossFit...Need I Say More?!

knotty dreamz Casual Hunting

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Marc Montoya

Marc Montoya

Marc Montoya is a dedicated Colorado bowhunter who cherishes the challenge and mental fatigue that bowhunting presents. Marc has a passion for backcountry pursuits with his bow and arrow and wants to share that passion with the world.