Ocean Contour Maps

Ocean bottom topography, also known as bathymetry, is the measurement of the depth of large bodies of water. Our Ocean Depth Maps section features over 500 interactive shaded relief maps that cover the entire U.S. for both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

To get started, pick a region below. You can also view Nautical Charts online.

image map map Vol 01 Map Vol 02 Map Vol 03 Map Vol 04 Map Vol 05 Map Vol 06 Map Vol 07 Map Vol 08 Map Vol 09 Vol 10
Note: The gridded contour maps you find here are provided by the National Geophysical Data Center, and merge the US Geological Survey 3-arc-second DEMs with a vast compilation of hydrographic soundings collected by the National Ocean Service and various academic institutions.