Trophy Scoring

Learn how to score deer, elk, bear, turkey, and other trophy animals, and download scoresheets from the top scoring organizations.

How to score deer, elk, and other animals

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Trophy Scoring Articles

We've compiled a list of articles that walk you through the process of scoring game animals, expain how to age deer, and more.

Trophy Scoring Sheets

Several organizations around the world, including Boone and Crockett Club, Pope and Young, Safari Club International, and National Wild Turkey Federation, score wildlife and keep official records. Choose an organization below to download official score charts.

Boone and Crockett Club

The Boone and Crockett Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt. His vision was to establish a coalition of dedicated conservationists and sportsmen who would provide the leadership needed to address the issues that affect hunting, wildlife and wild habitat.

Select a species below to download its scoresheet:

Pope and Young

The Pope & Young Club is recognized as the official repository for records on bow-harvested North American big game. Together with the Boone & Crockett Club, the Pope and Young Club maintains the universally accepted scoring system and sets the standards for measuring and scoring big game.

The P&Y Records Program archives provide great insight into the past and present management, health, and trends of North America's wildlife populations. The records are a testimonial to wildlife, traditional wildlife management, and the importance of hunting as a management tool.

Select a species below to download its scoresheet:

Safari Club International

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

The SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals uses SCI's unique all-inclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. The scoring system recognizes typical and non typical animals and both free range and estate taken animals.

No deductions are enforced penalizing animals for asymmetry in the SCI scoring system.

Select a species below to download its scoresheet:

  • Method 1: Simple Horn
    For most animals with simple horns
  • Method 2: Spiral Horn
    for spiral-horned animals. Includes eland, bongo, kudu, nyala, sitatunga, bushbuck, addax, blackbuck, markhor and feral goat
  • Method 3: Wild Cattle
    For horns of wild cattle. Includes gaur, gayal, banteng, yak, water buffalo, tamaraw, anoa and bison
  • Method 4: African Buffalo
    For horns of African buffalo
  • Method 5: Wildebeest & Takin
    For horns of common wildebeest and takin (do not use for black wildebeest)
  • Method 6: Black Wildebeest
    For horns of black wildebeest (do not use for common wildebeest)
  • Method 7: Muskox
    For muskox horns
  • Method 8: Rhinoceros
    For rhinoceros horns
  • Method 9: Multi-horned Sheep
    For multi-horned sheep
  • Method 10: Pronghorn
    For pronghorn antelope
  • Method 11: Wild Sheep
    For horns of wild sheep, bharal, aoudad and tur
  • Method 12: Tusks
    For tusks of hippopotamus, pigs, water deer and musk deer
  • Method 13:Walrus
    For walrus tusks
  • Method 14: Elephant
    For walrus tusks
  • Method 15: Carnivores
    For skulls of carnivores and peccaries
  • Method 16C: Crocodilian
    For body length of crocodilian
  • Method 16D: Darted Carnivore
    For body measurements of darted carnivores
  • Method 17T: Typical White-tail
    For white-tailed deer with non-typical antlers
  • Method 17NT: Non-typical White-tail
    For white-tailed deer with typical antlers
  • Method 18T: Non-typical Mule Deer
    For mule deer and black-tailed deer with non-typical antlers
  • Method 18NT: Typical Mule Deer
    For mule deer and black-tailed deer with typical antlers
  • Method 19T: Non-typical Elk
    For elk or wapiti with non-typical antlers, and for all Roosevelt elk and Tule elk
  • Method 19NT: Typical Elk
    For elk or wapiti with typical antlers (except Roosevelt Elk and Tule elk which are measured by Method 19-NT)
  • Method 20: Red Deer
    For red deer and related deer Includes Bukharan deer, Yarkand deer, hangul, Tibetan deer, shou, McNeill deer and Gansu deer
  • Method 21T:Typical Axis, Sika & More
    For axis deer, hog deer, sambar, rusa deer, sika deer and roe deer with typical antlers
  • Method 21NT: Non-typical Axis, Sika...
    For axis deer, hog deer, sambar, rusa deer, roe deer and sika deer with non-typical antler
  • Method 22: Larger Deer
    For the larger deer not specified in other methods (Includes barasingha, white-lipped deer, brow-antlered deer, Père David deer, marsh deer, pampas deer and huemul)
  • Method 23: Caribou & Reindeer
    For caribou and reindeer
  • Method 24: Fallow Deer
    For fallow deer antlers
  • Method 25: Cervine Moose
    For moose with cervine (unpalmated) antlers
  • Method 25: Palmate Moose
    For moose with palmate antlers
  • Method 26NT: Muntjac, Brocket, etc.
    For all antlers of muntjac, brocket, pudu and tufted deer. (non-typical)
  • Method 26T: Muntjac, Brocket, etc.
    For all antlers of muntjac, brocket, pudu and tufted deer
  • Method 50: Turkey (Multiple Beards)
    For all species of Wild Turkey with multiple beards
  • Method 50: Turkey (Single Beard)
    For all species of Wild Turkey with a single beard

National Wild Turkey Federation

National Wild Turkey Federation offers several tools for scoring your wild turkey.

Several other organizations provide scoring throughout North America.

Buckmasters Trophy Records

The philosophy of Buckmasters' Full-Credit Scoring System is to measure and record whitetail deer antlers without forcing them to conform to a criterion of perfect symmetry. This Full-Credit Scoring System takes nothing away from the rack. It simply measures every inch of antler and classifies it accordingly.

Go to Buckmasters.

Northwest Big Game

Northwest Big Game prints big game record books for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Please visit their site for more information or to purchase their record books.

Go to Northwest Big Game


The Longhunter was formed in 1988 by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association to promote muzzleloading hunting throughout North America. The Longhunter book of muzzleloading big game records is open to all interested, qualifying hunters. Animals must be taken with muzzleloading firearms during legal hunting seasons under the rules of fair chase. A 60-day drying period is required before a trophy can be officially measured. Trophy entries are scored using the Boone and Crockett Club's copyrighted official scoring system for North American big game trophies.

Go to Longhunter.


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